About the Brand

Afropian  is all about African Pride. The name is a play on words between Ethiopian and African and since 2017 they are blending styles from Ethiopia and other African countries in their pieces. Afropian is a lifestyle brand which focuses on telling a story of African excellence, by Africans for the world. For textiles, Afropian is all about graphic and new interpretations of the beautifully patterned handwoven and hand-dyed fabrics. Their jewellery is eye-catching, antique statement jewellery. All pieces are either handmade by artisans or reclaimed antiques from up to 200 years ago.
The brand motto «Wear Africa Proudly» is reflected in a product range which is 100% handmade on the continent, in collaboration with a network of African artisans based all over Africa.


Our Goals

Promote Made in Africa globally
Showcase the diversity of creativity in Africa
Point out the interconnection of African cultures
Become a household name
Expand production
Increase customer base


PO Box 16305
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

We want to bring the rich African history, heritage, culture and art to the 21st century and beyond.

“Africans are cultural billionaires and it is high time to claim that rich heritage and share it with the world“