About the Brand

Aklill is Ethiopia’s first venture in bamboo textile: an inspiring accessory-company producing different types of textiles made from renewable materials. They find surprising ways to work with bamboo for everyday basics and home textiles, like Think socks, blankets, cushions and woven rugs. Aklill has discovered bamboo’s great potential to enhance socio-economic and ecological development and have come up with innovative ways to use is as a textile fibre. Aklill is passionate about local sustainable development and job creation, while wanting to raise public awareness for environmental values and sustainable living. By starting production with locally grown bamboo, the company is currently exploring the potential to create more local employment opportunities along the entire bamboo production chain.


Our Goals

Promote culture by design
Innovate product design
Increase sustainability
Scale usage of eco-friendly materials
Start conversations about values and sustainable living


Dembel city center
10th floor 1015 A
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

70% of the African Bamboo resources is found in Ethiopia, but it’s under-utilized.

“We uniquely blend cultural and natural resource int thoughtful accessories and we use Bamboo as our signature material.“