About the Brand

Amour Leather is an Ethiopian based female owned socially responsible company. Producing high end and colorful Leather products while creating job opportunities that empower Ethiopian women and improve the quality of their lives. At Amour they are not only creating job opportunities, they strongly practice ethical business strategy. It starts with paying fair wage, avoid child labor and giving back to the communities. Two of the Amour giving back to the community project are: Amour Aqua pack and Amour reusable sanitary pad.


Our Goals

Being the best Ethical leather bag manufacturer in Ethiopia
Maintain sustainable quality product and employee satisfaction
Empowering women
Import Substitution


Yeka Sub City Woreda 13 H. No. New
Insta: myamourleather

“Do not forget to always give back.”

“We don’t wait to become corporate to bring impact we will start today by impacting one life at a time”