About the Brand

Felek is a notebook production company that mainly focuses on keeping Ethiopia’s rich history of artisanship going. It combines contemporary eco-friendly designs with traditional artisanship to produce quality handmade notebooks, bags and other textile products. They use waste paper to produce notebooks and pair the sale of every leather bound notebook with a donation of 8 exercise books to areas where a  lack of supply of exercise books prevents children from attending school. So far Felek has partnered with 3 schools in Wolayta Sodo and Afar to deliver over a combined 10,000 exercise books each year. These deliveries have also helped increase class attendance. They also produce bags for personal use (leather) and for corporate use (conference). Since COVID 19, Felek started producing facemasks to answer the growing demands in the market and matched a similar approach for Afar and disadvantaged communities in Addis.


Our Goals

set up an e-commerce website to start exporting after having tested markets in Kenya and Rwanda
increase brand presence internationally by attending global trade shows
employ qualified business development professionals to help increase and sustain demand for the products
supporting the leather industry


Summit Adis Sefer, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“61,000 Exercise books donated to 7,650 Students”

“As a social enterprise our overarching goal is not just making profit, it is generating profit while creating social impact“