About the Brand

Fili Coffee is a coffee place and one of the leading speciality coffee roasters based in Addis, which sources and roasts some of the highest quality Arabica coffee from different regions of Ethiopia and delivers to coffee shops, bistros, restaurants and cafes in the region. Owner and Founder Filimon Tesfasillassie is a dedicated coffee lover and expert: a coffee roaster and copper, certified from Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) and The Ethiopian Tea and coffee Authority, with eight years of experience in the coffee sector, at home and abroad. By hosting events, barista trainings and workshops for young people in Ethiopia to start their own business, Filimon support local talents and offer internships. It is a specialised barista training, which also incorporates a unique Ethiopian way of making coffee, which helped already 12 young entrepreneurs to open their own café.


Our Goals

Product placement in Ethiopian supermarkets
Access to international networks
Entering new markets
Supporting Ethiopian youth through workshops and teaching  


Fili Coffee
Branch 1/Roastery
Lafto around 2000 Building
Addis Ababa Ethiopia  

“Through special skills teaching, the barista project also creates job opportunities for Ethiopian youth.”

"We are dedicated to providing the highest quality coffee experience, delivered in the perfect cup."