About the Brand

Kushineta is a skateboard pioneer start-up based in Addis Ababa and also involved in building the local skateboard scene through new skateparks and networking. Kushineta Skateboard Manufacturing PLC was founded in 2019 by four passionate skateboarders. They are the first licensed Ethiopian manufacturer of skateboards, skateboarding apparel and streetwear (manufactured locally) for the young local skate community. Besides manufacturing boards, apparel and leather products they also provide public and private skateboarding lessons. Kushineta’s focus is to empower kids by giving them access to free skateboards, to skateparks, and to skateboard training, thus allowing them to practice and gain skills. Like this, they give an opportunity for them to learn a new sport and extracurricular activity, in turn building confidence and empowering a strong youth.


Our Goals

Become a leader in the international skateboarding market
Create a social impact on the Ethiopian youth
Giving skateboarding lessons to schools across Addis
Develop manufacturing department and export  
Enter the market with a more targeted approach


Bego BLDG, Shiromeda,  4th Floor, #13

Addis Ababa

“Skateboarding is a non-competitive sport and provides kids with an outlet for creativity, self-expression & for venting stress – apart from being lots of fun! “

“We start from design phase and develop our products from that point up, our aim is to manufacture top quality products to the highest standards. Made in Ethiopia”