About the Brand

Maleda Crafts, founded by Alemayehu Mulat, is social enterprise that turns plastic waste into cool accessories. The brand manufactures handmade, quality bags, footwear and rags made from disposed plastic and textile leftovers – materials that would usually be thrown away and polluting the environment. By using plastic bags (mainly diapers packaging) in combination with textile cutouts, they get woven into new and durable fabrics. Maleda turns these fabrics into stylish and colourful bags or shoes, all by hand, combining the unique woven fabrics with finest Ethiopian leather. All products are made by using ancient Ethiopian weaving technique which has no pollution-impact to the environment. Maleda’s eco-friendly product cycle not only reduces pollution in the community, but also supports livelihoods – fittingly, the companie’s name Maleda means “Dawn of day” in Amharic.


Our Goals

Creating revenue streams & more jobs for women in Ethiopia by manufacturing locally
Engaging  the Ethiopian community in our production supply chain


Maleda Crafts
Addis Ababa Nifass Silk Lafto Sub City

“Our mission is creating a sense of  responsibility  for  environmental pollution in Ethiopia”

“We inspire the world”