Temsalet Kitchen
About the Brand

Temsalet Kitchen is a multi-purpose kitchen born in the heart of Samrawit Petros and established in 2015. Temsalet Kitchen focuses on providing job opportunities and training to unemployed women that incorporate capacity building, economic and financial empowerment.  Women from vulnerable backgrounds who are unemployed or in need of financial support (e.g. single mothers or women deported from Arab countries) find work and are trained in restaurant skills. Their approach and mission are holistic - from the origin of the ingredients to the quality service Temsalet provides to our customers. They also share and open their space for various events to highlight local talent, open pop-up shops or provide a platform for issues that the community finds important.


Our Goals

aims to enhance its sustainability by expanding into organic farming and providing locally grown food to our customers while supporting local farmers

increase our business capacities by joining the local and global market with environmentally friendly food processing and packaging.


KOICA Building next to Adams Pavilion

“How you do anything is how you do everything“