About the Brand

THE GOAT CAFÉ is Addis’ coolest coffee franchise. Their aim is to disrupt the mainstream coffee consumption in Ethiopia and give the traditional coffee culture a unique new twist. With a wide range of coffee creations and special recipes they address young and upcoming coffee drinkers in Ethiopia’s capitol and beyond. Goat Café offers the first local delivery service for coffee in Addis – what increased growth even in times of a pandemic. The start-up is also a coffee distributor, supplying supermarkets, embassies, restaurants and other local retail channels. Goat Café has a very own focus on sustainability: with organic and fair-trade coffee and a smart way to reduce waste. Alongside the coffee business they have developed a cosmetic line based on coffee.


Our Goals

Expand café locations delivery services
Set up a roasting plant
Set up an iced beverage manufacturing
Diversify the franchise across borders
Plant & start exporting value-added coffee


The Goat Café
Bole Medhanialem, W03
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

We want to be sustainable within our resources: traceability, fair trade with our farmers.

“As we carry on the history of the discovery of coffee, we intend on serving you the GREATEST OF ALL TIME from the birthplace.