About the Brand

Yonael Marga is a slow fashion brand based in Ethiopia, focusing on custom made and ready-to-wear as well as conceptual art projects. The fashion brand is rooted in the concept of Afro-Futurism. This concept prizes community and heritage alongside commerciality, with a dedication of finding innovative ways to approach fashion design: A potent vision for Ethiopia’s fashion future by using fantasy, storytelling, visual art, graphic and fashion design. The inspiration for the designs come from a look into the past, how it interplays with the future - reproduced through an Ethiopian lens. As for combining the past with the here and now, Yonael Marga’s entire production process is all about hand craftsmanship and supporting local artisanship. He preserves and passes on the longstanding traditions of Ethiopian cloth making and ancient indigenous arts and crafts.


Our Goals

Scale up business and venture into e-commerce  
Set up a multi-disciplinary and multi-purpose atelier
Present a Yonael Marga collection at a Fashion Week
Launch S2021 ready to wear collection


Yonael Marga


“We like to translate rich cultural elements into contemporary contexts and unique modern garments”

"Our multi-culture, our diverse identities and history can serve as portals to the future of our own imaginings."